Top Tips When Grilling Steak

Are you getting ready to host a steak dinner for your family and friends? If you are worried that you’ll mess things up, check out our steak grilling tips that will help you serve steak that everyone will love.

  1. Consider the thickness of the meat.

One of the most basic aspects that you should consider is the thickness of the meat that you will use. You don’t want your meat to be too thin because it will result to dry steak. Ideally, your meat should be at least one to one-and-a-half inches thick to ensure that it is perfectly charred on the outside and juicy and tender inside.

photo of a steak

  1. Season with salt.

We would recommend that you lightly season your meat with salt a few hours before grilling, because it can help cells hold water, making the meat juicy when cooked. Before you put the seasoned meats on the grill, use paper towels to pat dry them and season again with salt. For better results, we would recommend that you use kosher salt as this would make a great crust.

  1. Add pepper.

A steak is incomplete without pepper. However, instead of buying fine pepper, we would recommend that you crack whole peppercorns yourself. By simply placing peppercorns in a resealable plastic bag and crushing them, you will have a combination of fine, medium, and large pieces. These freshly crushed peppercorns will not only add more flavour, but will also add a crunch to your steak.

  1. Make use of real charcoal.

Compared to manufactured briquettes, real hardwood charcoal burns hotter. In addition, you obviously want your steak to have that natural smoky flavour, and not chemicals.

  1. One side of the grill should be really hot, while the other should only be moderately hot.

The reason you need to establish a two-zone fire is so you can sear the meat at the side of the grill which is really hot, and then finish up the cooking process on the not-so-hot section of the grill. If you are using a gas grill, simply set one burner at low heat, while the other burners are at full blast. On the other hand, if you are grilling with the use of charcoal, use your tongs to put significantly more charcoal on one side and less charcoal on a separate portion of the grill.

  1. Use a thermometer.

Grilling steak is also a science, so don’t just guess the doneness of your steak. Use a thermometer to know its internal temperature. You can easily research for the various degrees of doneness together with their corresponding internal core temperature, and use these pieces of information as a reference.

  1. Allow your steak to rest before slicing.

No matter how excited you are to try your steak, allow it to rest for about ten minutes after taking it off the grill. By doing this, the fibers will relax and the flavours will be retained because less juice will be lost when you slice it.

Who doesn’t love a perfectly-grilled steak? You may find cooking steak a tricky task at first, but if you follow the tips we shared in this article, you’ll definitely get the hang of it and be able to serve steak that is much better than those served in steakhouses.