How to Choose Your Best Recipes and create your own Cook Book

A lot of people that love cooking and creating new and interesting recipes, dream about turning their recipes into a cookbook.  There is no reason why you cannot do just that.  There are a few things you have to consider, a few questions to ask yourself and then you can start your planning.

Cookbooks aren’t just books full of recipes; they are expressing the person and their viewpoint about food.  The bestselling recipe books are inclusive of the author’s chosen best recipes, personal touches and culinary thoughts and views.

Consider these points when you start planning the creation of your own Recipe Book

Start with a Great Idea.  Think about all the recipes you have available and want to include in your book.  (Of course, you won’t be able to include all of them in your book)  The best reason should always be about sharing, your good fortune in having all these wonderful recipes, the fun in preparing them or just the joy of providing delicious dishes.  While you’re at it, make it a marvellous idea!

Find your niche.  This is where you need to decide if your cookbook is going to be all inclusive or if you want to only include certain recipes.  For instance, you decide on using only your Grandmother’s recipes, or dessert recipes, pasta dishes or maybe quick and easy recipes.  Think about what drew your attention when you bought Recipe books before.  Then offer something different, something new and exciting.

If you have a food blog already, practice and refine what you intend to do in the Recipe book.  Test the waters by writing something you’re unsure about including in your book.  See this as a kind of market research to see if your ideas have merit.  Do not get discouraged when you do not get a positive reaction.  This is only to see what will work and which ideas can be successful.

Just remember, even though you have all the recipes and settled on a niche, you have done your research and know how to organise the rest of the process, getting your Recipe Book published, will take at least two years.

Do not get discouraged, do the hard work, and your book will get out there

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