Tips on making Better Food Choices and Preparing Healthy Meals

Making better food choices can improve your health, and can help in treating certain health conditions and even prevent them.  Eating a healthy diet has a lot of benefits.

Our food intake should add up to a balanced, nutritious, daily diet.  Benefitting from making good food choices lies in a healthier lifestyle and increased energy levels.  Good Food choices start with the buying of everyday products.

Tips on making good food choices daily

Grains:  Choose whole grain products rather than the refined enriched products.  Whole grain products are low in fat and high in fibre.  They contain complex carbohydrates that will keep longer before you feel hungry again.  Try not to eat too much sweet stuff, for example, doughnuts, muffins and cookies.  Rather try an English muffin or unsalted pretzels.

Fruit and vegetables are naturally low in fat.  They provide flavour, variety and even sweetness to your diet.  They contain lots of vitamins and minerals.  Rather eat fruit fresh or steamed without too many sweet enhancements.  Vegetables can be either fresh, or steamed, or cooked, in a healthy way.  Also do not add a lot of salt, sugar or butter.

Protein includes all meat products and also beans, peas and lentils.  Always choose the meat cuts with less fat and avoid eating visible fat, rather cut off fat before cooking.  In the case of poultry, the skinless portions will be healthiest.  Baking, Grilling and roasting are healthy methods of preparing meat products.  Nuts and Legumes are also healthy choices containing protein.

Dairy products:  Always choose low-fat versions.  The harder the cheese, the less fat it contains.  Most dairy products used in recipes can be changed from the regular to low-fat items.

Fats, Oils and Sweets:  Even when eating healthy, our bodies still need certain oils and fats to function.  Poly-unsaturated oils are best for cooking, such as olive oil, and also certain plant oils.  Never let oil overheat while cooking.  Try to change sweets for dried fruit products and other naturally sweet items, such as honey.

Making healthier and better food choices does not mean that we are going to eat less tasteful food or not enough.  More and more recipes are specifically created for healthier food products.

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