Top foods to serve at a summer barbecue

Planning your cooking

Barbeques are a great tradition worldwide, where your food is cooked outside and eaten in a casual fashion. Family and friends gather in a backyard, a park or at the beach. Beef burgers and hot dogs may be first on the menu for a barbecue, but there are so many other foods that can be served, form steaks, to pork along with plenty of delicious side dishes. There is plenty of food to choose from to keep your guests happy and to have a full belly going home!


Steaks may not be at every barbecue as they can be quite expensive, but guests can get very happy when they see delicious cuts of tender beef cooking on the barbecue. It is very important to purchase the right type and best cut of beef before you think about how to grill it. Firstly make sure the steak is at room temperature and sprinkle some salt on both sides of the meat, then place them on the grill to cook.


When you are doing burgers on the barbecue, make sure to just let them cook. It is important not to keep flipping them and don’t squash them with the spatula because if you press down on the meat, there will be no juices left. Following this tip will help you make the perfect burger for your guests.


You can cook tough cuts of pork for example shoulder over a low heat for long time until its tender or tender cuts like chops quickly over a higher heat. Whatever you choose will definitely impress guests at your barbecue.

Hotdogs and sausages

Hotdogs are always a favourite at a barbecue but sometimes they can get a bit boring. Maybe for a change, cook some bratwurst on the grill and don’t forget the buns. When you are cooking the sausages, depending on the type make sure you know whether to cook them fully or just heat them up. If using fresh sausages, they need to be cooked fully as they are raw meat.


Coleslaw is a classic and traditional dish on any table at a barbecue. Its made with white cabbage and a delicious creamy dressing. When eating with grilled meats, it seems as if it was made for summer barbecues.

Potato salad

It’s not really a barbecue unless you have potato salad. However many people would say no to it but that doesn’t mean you don’t have to have it on the menu every time. You can have a baked potato salad, roasted potato salad or even a Chinese potato salad. This would be delicious with a burger or hot dog.


At your barbecue serve a seasonal summer salad taking advantage of the fresh produce in your garden or at the shops. You can try a tomato salad, green bean salad or many more types. Salads are delicious and tasty with any food cooked on the grill. You can also add in some chips and make it a meal.

Enjoy your barbecue and hope the sun shines!

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